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How to get to Santiago - Chile

Santiago International Airport (SCL) is served by all major airlines (more info on SCL web site:

A NOTE ON VISAS and entry to the country: No visa is necessary when you travel to Chile for most countries and you only need a valid passport. When entering Chile (by cruise, vehicle or plane), at customs, you'll need to fill out a Tourist Card that allows visitors to stay for up to 90 days and will allow multiple entries. You'll need to show this Tourist Card to Customs when leaving the country as well, so be sure you don't lose it.  Be aware that Chile is very picky about the entrance of vegetable and animal products. Most are forbidden and will be taken away. Even if they are accepted, you must declare them on arrival (the forms will be given to you before landing), or you can get a fine.

A NOTE on THE "RECIPROCITY FEE": There is a "reciprocity fee" for citizens of countries that ask a visa for chileans (bassically the same ammount that a chilean would have to pay to get a Visa to travel to that country). The one-time charge is good for the life of your passport. It can be paid in cash (U.S. dollars) or credit card. This is paid before the migratory control with international policy. The countries and fees are

Australia: US$ 95
Canada: US$ 132
United States: US$ 160
México: US$ 23


How to get from Santiago to Pucón

Pucón in 780 km south of Santiago. There are 3 ways to get from Santiago to Pucón:

- By Plane

This is the best way to get to Pucón. You would need to fly from Santiago (international and national terminals are in the same building) to Temuco (670 km south of Santiago). The flight takes about 1 hour, and there are several flights a day served by 2 airlines:


sky airlines: 

At Temuco aiport we would have busses from the Conference in Saturday and Sunday that would take you to Pucón. Additionally, there are regular shuttle services that run from the aiport to Pucón during the whole day.  

- By Bus

There are several companies that run from Santiago to Pucón. There are daytime services and also nightime services. The nighttime service leave at night (between 9pm and midnight) and arrive early the next morining (6 to 8am). Some of the services are "de luxe" meaning you would have a seat that reclines almost horizontally ("semi cama") or completely horizontal ("cama" or deluxe). Some of the bus companies are:

Tur Bus:
Pullman bus:
Buses jac:


- By Car

The 780 km from Santiago can be covered in a 8 to 9 h drive aprox. You would have to take Ruta 5 (highway 5) to the south. You would encounter several tolls on the way, that only take cash. South of Temuco, your need to take Ruta 199 to the east, that would take you through the city of Villarrica, and then along the lake to Pucón.

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